Cheap and Quality Bamboo Fiber Fabric 2021

Cheap and Quality Bamboo Fiber Fabric 2021

Vải sợi tre also known by another name is vải bamboo known to be made from cellulose powder from bamboo and add some other safe additives to make bamboo fiber and completely environmentally friendly. Another idea is that bamboo fabrics are being misunderstood as natural fibers. is nhà cung cấp vải bamboo current quality with giá vải bamboo best market.

Outstanding features of bamboo fabric

Environmental friendliness:

While the cotton industry consumes 24~25% of the world's pesticides, growing bamboo requires no chemicals. Cotton consumes 20,000 liters for 1kg, bamboo needs very little water to grow. Bamboo plants both produce 35% more oxygen than other plants and absorb large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. It is estimated that 1 ha of bamboo land can absorb 62 tons of CO2 compared to only 15 tons of CO2 of 1 ha of cotton land. This is very significant for reducing the greenhouse effect. In the minds of many consumers, bamboo fabric is attractive because it is considered an "ecological" fabric, protecting the living environment.

Natural antibacterial, deodorant:

Bamboo contains a natural biological good and people that are irritated with fibers such as wool or hemp known as "bamboo kun", which allows it to grow vigorously without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. fertilizer. This substance is combined with bamboo cellulose in the production process into bamboo fiber.


The natural bamboo fiber is smooth and round, minimizing friction with your skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin conditions. Many people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibers, such as wool or hemp, do not complain of this problem with bamboo. 

Cooler than cotton:

High hygroscopicity, more than 60% than cotton fiber. That's why it feels cool to the touch.

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